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It's so nice to meet you

Howdy howdy!! I'm so thankful ya'll landed here!! 

I started videography at 16 years old professionally but have loved it since I can remember. Anyone remember Flipagram, Video Star, homemade iMovie trailers? Those are my roots. Those are what turned me into a filmmaker of now 6 professional years and counting. Did I say 6 years? Holy smokes, that's kind of insane. Life is good. the Lord's blessings are good. 

Making beautiful memories is what life is all about. I'm so blessed to be able to capture those moments on film for others to relive. 

I am Cleveland based, and have experience beyond just filmmaking--however, that is my specialty! I'm very personable and have worked with companies for product promotion, creative sports videos/personal family videos, and have done collaborations with other creatives. I like to make my clients feel as though I've known them for a long time, even if we just met that day. This couldn't have been a better passion for me to pursue.

My films are very natural-looking and I like to promote a cinematic but yet still candid feel. I specialize in capturing moments that the natural eye may not always catch. 

Each video I create is unique to the client. That's how I know we can create something you won't forget about. 

Let's talk!! Even if you just wanna say hi. 

If I didn't bore you, great! That means you might like this article to tell you a little more all about my business :)





Take a video, it'll last longer ;)


Let's talk!!

What are your fav elements of videography/tell me more about why we would be a match!
Where are you at in your booking process?!

Message sent. Can't wait to talk with you!! God bless, I will get to you ASAP!

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